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My first trip out to the Yukon was in the fall of 1995, and I left from Toronto in a Ford pickup truck load with geophysical gear destined for Watson Lake. We saw many Caribou along the way, and I purchased a heavy winter jacket, gortex ski pants, and a pair of Sorel boots. We arrived at the Belvedere Hotel where we stayed while preparing the system for flight tests. After outfitting the Lama helicopter supplied by Turbo West, and performing a few flight tests, we headed towards Ross River to set up camp. 

Crossing a narrow bridge/railway track on our way to camp.



The camp was no more than two RV's set up with propane heaters and electricity from a diesel generator. It was a nightmare. The temperature in the trailer would drop to below freezing at night, and we found out that the propane was liquefying in the extreme cold. The temperature was reading -45 degrees celcius during the day. We resorted to building a wooden box to cover the propane tanks and put a lamp inside to keep them warm enough to supply propane to heat the trailers. After struggling for hours trying to get the truck started to make a trip into town,  the wheels were frozen solid and more work was needed to get the wheels to turn.

The extension cords became so brittle and stiff in the cold weather that we had to be careful not to  break them. The diesel for the generator started to gell, and we were afraid we would be without electricity, so we had to build a box to warm the diesel fuel. After a major disaster with the helicopter, we packed up our bags and headed back to Toronto. The job was postponed until the following spring.

I traveled back to the Yukon a few times the following year. One trip brought me to the Inconnu Lodge. We had much better accomodations, the weather was good, and the hospitality of the staff was great.


With no roads up to the lodge, we were flown in by Dehavilland Beaver aircraft. Our work was under way in the early spring during the off-season so as not to interfere with any guests at the lodge. We got a chance to do a little heli-fishing and sight seeing in our off-work hours.

Yukon with Lama Helicopter


Bert Simon in Greenland with "Astar" B2 Helicopter

Greenland with Bert Simon

Altes Lager Germany with fixed helicopter magnetics M3.

Altes Lager

Solviet Hangar

Bell Helicopter in Mexico.

Mexico Bell Helicopter

B2 flying over greenland with Aerodat HEM systtem.

Flying over greenland