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I took a flight from Toronto to Hong Kong and made my way to the Chung King Mansions on Nathan Road in Kowloon district where I met up with my brother Scott. We stayed in a comfortable but small room owned by a nice lady. That same evening we went to a bar and met some foreigners. We made plans to see them the following day. We were introduced to Eva Mata from Austria. We told her of our plans to travel through China, and she wanted to see China as well, so we suggested that she travel with us as it would be better for her than trying to travel alone. We obtained the necessary visas, then arranged for tickets from Canton to Guilin and packed our bags to take the train to Canton. We stayed in a respectable hotel and the following day made our way to the market, where we got to see all the truly incredible items for sale. We took the flight to Guilin on China air, where everyone stood up in the plane as it was landing and taxiing down the runway, and started getting their belongings together to push their way out the door of the plane (I thought the train was bad enough). From Guilin we made our way by bus down to Yangshuo, where we had planned to spend most of our time. It was a nice village and we stayed at the "Holliday Inn", which was definitely not the four star variety, but very comfortable and clean.

A day of celebration in Yangshuo.

Out on a bicycle ride in the countryside. View of the impressive Karst Hills. One of us got a flat tire, and a local farmer was very kind and brought out his tire repair kit and helped us with the repair.

Resting at Lisa's Cafe and Restaurant at the end of the day.

We took a bus and boat ride back to Hong Kong. It was a memorable trip, and I had a great time.