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This section covers the work that I have presented in my book entitled "The Descendants of Captain John Morrison of Colchester County, Nova Scotia". I started researching the Morrison family genealogy in January 2000, and I had no idea where it would lead. There was much to learn along the way, and I feel there is still much work to do in gathering information on family members. I designed this site in order to achieve the following:

Help family members find their origins.
Allow family members to contribute their precious stories so that they can be added to the Morrison genealogy.
Provide a forum where people can learn about other family members.
Bring the history of the family to people who would otherwise not have been able to learn about their heritage.
Make it possible for researchers to find information they would otherwise not have access to.
Have a well structured format for cataloging family information.
Provide a list of reference sources that could help researchers in their genealogical quests.

I had a chance to visit Peterborough, New Hampshire, where I was able to meet with John Hopkins Morrison. He allowed me to take a tour of the Brick House at Upland Farm built by George S. Morrison.

John Hopkins Morrison was very kind to present me with the book "Nathaniel Morrison and his Descendants". and he directed me to the Settlers' Rock, which has a commemorative plaque which states the following:

"Thomas Morison and John Swan, or perhaps a man named Russell, after thridding their way through the unfamiliar forest, came to this place some time between 1739 and 1744. Against this rock they pitched a camp of green poles and hemlock boughs, when, next day, the Indians stole every mouthful of their eatables of salt pork and cornmeal. They walked back, hungry, to the nearest settlement at Townsend, Massachusetts.

"Thomas Morison returned in 1749. Near this rock he built a house of hard pine logs ten inches square to which he brought his family in 1750. On this farm he lived the remaining forty-seven years of his life. These words in his memory are placed on this rock in 1950, by members of his family."

This Thomas Morrison was the son of "Charter" John Morrison. John Morrison came to Peterborough, N.H. in 1751, evidently hearing good reports from his son. John bought the land which is now part of Terrace Hill Farm, and built a house there. Later on, that farm was conveyed to his grandson, Robert Morrison, who made a home for his grandfather John, who lived there until his death in 1776. This house was burned down in 1790, and Robert built the Morison homestead on Terrace Hill Farm, which still stands to this day, and looks much as it did in 1951.

I am in the process of moving my genealogy to a password protected site. More information to appear soon.