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Welcome to my web site!

To inform you about my genealogical research, work history and other interests!


I started working on my Morrison Genealogy in 2000, and it has been a major inspiration to me from the start. It covers the history of the Morrison family of Colchester County, Nova Scotia. Many branches of the family settled in the areas of Londonderry, Economy, and Five Islands in Colchester Co., and later moved to the United States or other parts of Canada. The progenitor of the Canadian Morrison's of Colchester county was Captain John Morrison who was born in Peterborough, New Hampshire and was the son of Charter John Morrison who emigrated to Londonderry, New Hampshire from Ireland in the year 1718. This genealogy is an extension of the work outlined by Leonard A. Morrison in his book on the genealogy of the Morrison family published in 1880. The origins of the family are Scotish, and their strong presbyterian faith led them to New England to rebuild their homes.

I have published a book entitled "The Descendants of Captain John Morrison of Colchester County, Nova Scotia", ISBN No. 0-9781420-0-4, 2006, 464 pages. 

Award Presentation

Dr. James Herbert Morrison at the Colchester Historical Society receiving the Heritage Award on my behalf in recognition of Achievement in Historic Activity within the County of Colchester in the year 2006.


Although I never met Grandma Helen Alexander, she was a great inspiration to many people and adored by all. Fortunately I was able to get to know my grand aunt Grace Alexander and she was a kind and inteligent lady. The Alexander's were well regarded in the comunity of Medicine Hat, Alberta and it is with great enthusiasm that I decided to look into this ancestral line.


My work history covers my latest achievements in the area of robotics for the automation of mining equipment for underground use. I started working with Automated Minining Systems after working in the area of geophysics for over 5 years. My career in geophysics was very chalenging, and it was a great experience to be able to travel to many foreign countries.

I have designed a website for Jean LeMenach of Goodwill Vezina specializing in French Translation Services for the Canadian Market.


In 2006 I had the chance to travel to Singapore for two months to train staff. While I was there I visited Bali, Indonesia, and Melaka Malaysia.

Singapore 2007

Singapore 2007

Bali 2007

Bali 2007

Glenn Edward Morrison
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